We are a trusted provider of specialist technical security services for business, government and individual clients throughout Tasmania. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative and tailored technical security solutions incorporating the latest technological advancements and best-practice system design, delivery and maintenance services.

technical services

Alarm Installation and Service

Security Alarm systems are an essential tool for detecting and preventing criminal activity in both commercial and residential properties.

However, it can be challenging to choose the most appropriate alarm system, as there can be extensive variations in features, upgrade options, quality, manufacturing location and pricing between different brands and models.

Our experienced security technicians have studied, installed, used and reviewed the latest updates for all major brands of both commercial and residential alarm systems, ensuring that they can recommend the best possible alarm system for every one of our clients.

We have extensive connections with electronic security system wholesalers enabling us to source any Australian approved alarm system or component. We also stock some of the most popular brands and models of security alarm systems (including Hills, Bosch & Paradox), meaning that we can install or replace alarm systems quickly and easily in an emergency.


Our alarm monitoring services are provided through Golden Electronics which operates a Tasmanian based ASIAL accredited A Grade control room. The control room utilises the latest monitoring room technology, allowing us to provide our clients with record storage and archiving, reporting, and still image verification services in addition to alarm system monitoring services.

The control room also utilises a dual redundancy power failure protocol, ensuring that monitoring services are maintained even during severe weather and other critical infrastructure failure events.

Our automated reporting can be adapted to suit the needs of our clients, including frequency of reports, report content and level of technical detail.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV systems are a powerful security tool, providing the opportunity for immediate assessment of on-site issues, accountability for staff, and a strong deterrent against unauthorised access.

Our security technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in working with a range of CCTV solutions (including Honeywell, Axis, Hanwha Wisenet to name a few), and can provide advice on the most appropriate CCTV options for homes or businesses by taking into account factors such as lighting, remote access needs, budget and integration options for existing security infrastructure.

We can also provide advice and quotes for upgrading older CCTV systems, and training and troubleshooting for existing CCTV systems.

We offer a range of permanent and temporary CCTV solutions for various applications such as monitoring crowd behaviour, environmental monitoring and construction site access monitoring.

Electronic Access Control

Access control systems are a critical component in any business security system, allowing businesses to manage entry and access permissions, and providing internal and external accountability and control for access to secure areas.

We have the expertise to install and maintain a range of access control systems, including from trusted brands such as Tecom, Integriti and Inception. The access control systems we install can include a variety of standard or add-on features including time-based access restrictions, audit and muster reports, biometric authentication and NFC technologies.

All access control options can be integrated with new or existing security infrastructure to provide a comprehensive, customised solution to suit any business, from small offices to large industrial complexes.

We also offer a wide range of video intercom solutions for building entry and site access requirements

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