Our static guards are highly trained with a particular focus on verbal de-escalation, customer service and threat detection skills. This diverse skillset ensures that our static guards can assist in a variety of roles including overnight asset protection, retail theft deterrence and sensitive events such as employment terminations or community consultation meetings.

Our static guard services can be utilised by government, business and individuals in a range of circumstances:

  • Loss Prevention

  • Overnight Property Protection

  • Anti-social Behaviour deterrence

  • Staff Safety

Learn more about our static guard services below or contact us to find out which of our services would best suit your security needs.

static guards

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention security officers are particularly important for the retail sector, providing a visible deterrent for would-be thieves and a dedicated “observe and report” response to any suspicious behaviour. Our static guards are trained in verbal de-escalation techniques to dramatically decrease the risk of customers, staff or our officers from having to engage in any physical interactions.

Overnight Property Protection

Both businesses and individuals may encounter situations where a static guard is required to assist with protection of property where security infrastructure has been compromised. Our static guards can assist with protecting infrastructure and equipment at construction sites, preventing access to unsecure buildings and reporting suspicious or anti-social behaviour in real-time.

Anti-social behaviour deterrence

There are many situations where anti-social or threatening behaviour may arise, and this can lead to fear and uncertainty for staff, customers and other members of the public. Our static guards can provide a comforting presence and subtle deterrent for any anti-social or threatening behaviour in a range of situations including:

  • Accompanying staff members to their vehicles at the end of a work day

  • Attending community meetings where topics may generate tense or emotional responses

  • Preventing unauthorised individuals from attending invitation-only events

  • Providing a visible presence at locations which have recently experienced concerning behaviour or incidents

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