Our highly qualified management team's broad range of expertise places us in the unique position to be able to provide comprehensive risk assessments covering all aspects of government, business or personal site security. Our recommendations are guided by industry best-practice, extensive knowledge and experience, and matters relevant to each client including budget, source of technology and level of risk / protection required.

Many businesses require risk assessments to be completed in order to identify security flaws, vulnerabilities, staff safety risks and risks to members of the public.

We specialise in providing comprehensive and cost-effective risk assessments for businesses, private residences, individuals and events.

Choosing to engage one of our qualified and experienced risk assessors means that the assessments and recommendations will always be compliant with relevant Australian Standards and the latest industry best practice.

Our risk assessments provide not only thorough assessments of current concerns, but also recommendations that could be implemented to alleviate or reduce risks. We always provide a range of recommendations so that clients can make informed decisions based on business requirements and cost-efficiency.

risk assessments

Event Risk Assessments

Our risk assessors have significant experience in the assessment, planning and execution of both small and large-scale events, including political, cultural and internationally significant events with unique security needs.

We regularly liaise with police, counter-terrorism experts, emergency services, community safety groups and other stakeholders as part of our risk assessment and event security planning processes. This ensures that we are aware of any emerging issues and allows us to plan the security operation to work seamlessly with these services during the course of the event.

Regular Security Audits

Even when security systems and protocols are compliant with Australian standards and industry best practice, it is critical to regularly review their effectiveness and suitability. Staff complacency, changes to business practices and staff training issues can all lead to serious flaws within even the best security systems and protocols.

To address these potential risks, we offer our clients a security audit service which can be provided on a regular basis once we have conducted an initial assessment and developed an audit matrix for ongoing compliance.

These regular on-site audits or “spot-checks” can be conducted at times and intervals most suitable to your business needs, and will follow the initially developed audit matrix to identify and address security flaws and provide reliable data for assessing any ongoing trends and issues.

Internal Risks and Loss Prevention

Businesses can sometimes experience “internal” security issues, particularly where they engage high numbers of contracted or temporary workers. These issues are often difficult both to identify and mitigate.

Our risk assessors are experienced in identifying, assessing and addressing internal risks, and can provide a comprehensive action plan which promotes trust and unity within workforces while also addressing and reducing the risk of serious internal security breaches and losses.

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