Many businesses, both large and small, are required to transport cash to and from their banking institution.

Unfortunately, staff members transporting cash to and from a business are at risk of both targeted attacks or random opportunistic thefts and violence.

Our cash-in-transit security officers provide business owners with peace of mind, both for the welfare of their staff, and the protection of their hard-earned money.

We can transport end of day or end of week cash deposits to your financial institution, pick up daily or weekly change floats from your financial institution, or provide a return service.

We can also provide ad-hoc services for events or businesses with variable cash-in-transit needs, and services specifically catering for the transport of valuable non-cash items.

The specific services we provide can be adjusted to accommodate for the nature and location of your business, total value of cash or other items to be transported and various other factors. Learn more about our specific Cash in Transit services below.

cash in transit services

Overt Services

We utilise highly visible security vehicles and uniformed security officers to provide overt cash transport services. Overt services are often preferred for cash transport services in shopping centres and other public places, as the visibility and attention acts as a strong deterrent for opportunistic thieves.

Covert Services

Some businesses and organisations prefer to utilise covert cash and valuables transport services where the presence of security may be confronting (for example, at schools or multicultural centres), or for the movement of high value or sensitive items. We utilise dedicated unmarked vehicles and provide unmarked attire for our security officers conducting covert cash and valuables transport services.

In most cases, our security officers are legally required to display their security licence for covert cash and valuables transport services. In unique circumstances where the display of a security licence may be inappropriate, we can work with your business to find alternative solutions (including, where appropriate, applying for a commissioner’s exemption to the legal requirement to display a security licence).

Armed Cash Movement

We can provide armed cash and valuables transport services to clients who require a strong visual security presence during the transport process. Our armed guards are fully qualified and licensed, and complete regular professional development activities to ensure that firearms are used safely and in accordance with industry best practice at all times.

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