Our close personal protection services are provided only by our most experienced professional security officers who can quickly adapt and overcome unexpected issues using sound professional judgement. We ensure that our bodyguarding and close personal protection services are meticulously planned, discreet and designed to accommodate for the individual needs of our clients.

Bodyguard services

Our close personal protection services are frequently utilised by insurance, property management and legal industry professionals when attending meetings or site visits as part of contentious and emotionally charged cases.

In addition to providing physical protection where required, our experienced close personal protection officers have exceptional verbal de-escalation skills which can be used to substantially reduce the likelihood of a physical altercation.

Our security officers can also provide comprehensive incident reports and witness statements for use in legal proceedings where required.

We can also provide chauffeur and personal protection services for political figures and company executives encountering protesters, in-home service providers such as medical professionals, and celebrities or dignitaries who may encounter over-enthusiastic fans.

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