Kevlar Security Solutions
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Security Patrols

KSS specialises in providing vehicle-based security patrols for clients throughout Tasmania. These patrols are conducted in our high visibility patrol cars.

The specific security patrol services that we offer to our clients are extremely flexible and cater to each individual client’s security needs.

Lock-up and Un-lock Services

Our lock-up services can provide that “just-in-case” check that your building is secure with a patrol conducted in the early evening, or we can even replace the need for your staff to lock-up at all, by providing regular time-specific patrols each day at the close of business.

A combined service involving a close of business lock-up and an early morning un-lock can remove the need for staff to be responsible for looking after keys to your building.

Random Night-Time and Weekend Patrols

Our high-visibility and randomly timed night-time and weekend patrols provide a deterrent for would-be lawbreakers and loiterers, and can also provide regular checks to ensure that buildings, infrastructure and property remains secure during the night and over the weekend.

We also provide and install high-visibility signage free of charge to all of our clients, providing a constant visual deterrent, and displaying our 24 hour response number to enable members of the public to report any suspicious activities.

The work that we do during our night time and weekend patrols can be tailored to each business’ individual security needs and concerns. Benefits of patrol services include:
  • Deterrent to would-be lawbreakers and loiterers;

  • Prevention or reduction in graffiti and property damage;

  • Faster identification of broken windows or other security risks; and

  • Welfare checks for authorised persons on site overnight.
The timing of our long and short patrols can be completely random, randomly timed within set time spans, or at specific times.

We also offer a variety of compliance and reporting options to our clients, including proof cards, nightly patrol reports, photographic records and reports, automated Fleetmatics GPS tracking and reporting and our own checkpoint reporting software.

Our services can be provided on an ongoing basis, or for a specific period of time only, such as a set number of days during the Christmas / New Year break, or during a family holiday.

The type of services that we provide can also be varied for each day of the week. For example, some businesses may not require unlock and lockup services on weekends, while other business may require an increased number of random patrols on Friday and Saturday nights.

Our CEO and Operations Manager will undertake an assessment of your business or home, and provide you with advice and quotes for tailored security patrol services to suit your needs.